Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport – Parking

In order to park your car at Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport, distance between the Terminal and the car parks is of a short walk (about 100 to 200 m). So there is no need of a shutter between them.

The parking is divided by 3 levels:

- P1: For two wheel vehicles.

- P2: It is the Budget Parking. In this floor, there is also a parking area for disabled and reduced mobility users.

- P3: It is the Premium Parking.

Also, in P2 and P3, there are parking area with parking slots suitable for Electric Cars.

Pick up and Drop off:

- Departure: At the outer curb. You can be at least 90 seconds stopped.

- Arrival: To board the car, there are special numbered curbside points.

- Disabled: Closest to the terminal at the restricted lane, there is a drop off and pick up point.

For further information, please contact: +91 9538882020