Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport – Train

There is no direct connection between the Airport and Bangalore City Junction Railway Station, which is located at 40 km. Connection must be done by bus or taxi, since the distance is too big to pick up a rickshaw (they aren’t allowed to enter to the airport). 

How to reach the nearest railway station?

- Bus
You can get to Bangalore railway station by taking the following bus lines of Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMT):

KIAS-11, KIAS-5A, KIAS-5B, KIAS-5G, KIAS-12, KIAS-9, KIAS-7, KIAS-7A, KIAS-5, KIAS-6, KIAS-10 and KIAS-4. Please check out bus section for further information about schedules and frequency of each line.

You need to stop at Mekhri Circle, which is 7 km away from the Bangalore City Junction Railway Station. To get to the station, you can either ride a taxi or an auto rickshaw since it is a short distance trip.

The total trip time is around 2 hours.

The Airport bus stand is located behind the Airport Terminal Building, at the bus station. You can get there within a short walk.

- Taxi
Taxi is the wisest and comfy way to get easily to Bengaluru Junction Railway Station. Find them at the taxi lines outside the Airport Terminal building.

The ride to the station will take you between an hour and an hour and a half.

- Car sharing

To get better prices, you can try apps such as Uber or the local car sharing app Ola, which will let you share your ride with other passengers


Fares as described, please see the information below:

Bus fares

Bus fares are of INR 190.00 plus a INR 10.00 fee, so that makes a total price of INR 200.00 per passenger.

Taxi fares

The Taxi fares will be up to the kind of vehicle you decide to ride in.

For AC taxis, the total trip fare is INR 704.00

For non AC taxi, the total trip fare is INR 534.00

Please take into account that between 12.00 am and 6.00 am there is an additional 10% fare