Kempegowda Bangalore International Airport – Taxi

Even not the cheapest way to get to city centre, you can decide to ride a taxi, since it is the most comfortable and personal mean of transport.

Eventually, you can take a rickshaw, which will be even more efficient through Bangalore city centre, though we do not recommend you to ride it in the Airport since the distance between it and the city centre is too big (40 km).

Total ride time to Bangalore city centre is about 1 hour.


Taxis are available outside the terminal building at the taxi lines.

Taxi companies

Some of the following taxi companies serve Bangalore Airport and surroundings:

- Meru Cabs (Tel. +91 4422 4422)
- KSTDC Cabs (tel. +91 98801 21969 / 080 4155 3333
- Mega Cabs (Tel. +91 4747 4747)

Book a taxi

It is available to pre-order your taxi once in the airport or if you are staying in a hotel or guest house ask them for book a taxi for you. This is the most recommended option since is safer and cheaper.

Fares must be paid in advance at a desk in the Airport before riding the taxi. Take into account that not all companies let to book trips in advance. Please ask for more information to the chosen taxi company.

Taxi Fares

The raid to Bangalore city costs an average of INR 550.00. According to the taxi company you decide to book your cab costs can vary.

Fares from the Airport as it follows:

Hire Charges: INR 80.00 the first 4 km, then INR 19.50 per km

Waiting Charges: Free for the first 20 minutes, then INR 10.00 per 15 minutes

Night Fees: 10% extra paid from midnight to 06.00 am.

Share a car

In order to get better prices, try apps like Uber or the local car sharing app Ola.